Kommander® Lite for Ford F150® 2015-2020

  1. Safe. Ergonomic. Simple.
  2. The Kommander® solution
  3. Kommander® Lite for Ford F150® 2015-2020
Compatible with vehicle: Ford F-150 Responder®

Kommander® for the F150® 2015-2020, with computer and interface. Safe, ergonomic and simple vehicle solution for police officers.



  • Molded in-dash touch screen display.
  • Airbag deployment zone safe.
  • Clears up space between the driver and passenger.
  • Reduce distracted driving.



  • Large 12-inch touch screen display with a 4:3 viewing ratio.
  • Swivel mechanism for driver’s or passenger’s display viewing.
  • Quick access steering wheel control buttons, allowing to control most of the patrole car equipment, including the software on the computer.
  • Controls light bar, emergency lights, siren tones, toggles between PC applications



  • Unique user interface display menu specifically designed for police vehicle duty.
  • Custom scripting to automate tasks.
  • Common in-cab standardization of most police car models (Dodge Charger Pursuit®, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan®, Ford Police Interceptor Utility®, Ford F150 Responder®, Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit®).
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