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  2. Different modules adapted to your needs
Kommander™ kits and modules

Different modules adapted to your needs

Kommander® Lite

12 inches dashboard-integrated touchscreen, offering more safety for police officers.

Kommander® Base

All the safety benefits of Kommander® Lite, supplemented with a powerful, integrated quad-core computer.

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Included, Optional


Basic equipment

12-inch diagonal, robust touch screen display, 4:3 landscape format KMN-ECR
Lining and mechanism allowing the display to rotate, while integrated to the dashboard in the most secure positionKMN-TAB
AM/FM radio can be relocated in the console or roof lining KMN-RAD
Heating controller can be relocated in the console or roof liningKMN-HVAC
Optimized software interface for Red Alert police vehicles (client) KMN-RED
Powerful quad core computer optimized for police vehiclesKMN-ORD No
8-key ergonomic keypad emergency lights controller KMN-PRO No
Ergonomic reconfiguration of buttons on steering wheel KMN-VOL No
Equipment power supply advanced management KMN-ALI No
Blackout module (stealth mode) KMN-BO No
Runlock module KMN-RUN No


Optional equipment

Double authentication software integration KMN-DA
Ergonomic keyboard and support kit KMN-CLAQ
Conversion package to reinstall a Kommander™ kit in another supported modelKMN- CON
Glove compartment can host port replicator and a small tablet KMN-COF
No No
Dashboard-integrated printer KMN-IMP
Vehicle, body-worn or rear-view cameras KMN-VID No
Vehicle telemetry (odometer and other data) KMN-TELF No
Real-time inventory management KMN-INV No
Driving habits monitoring device KMN-HAB No
Engine idle time management KMN-RAL No

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